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By all accounts, the 2018 Summer Series of programs was a success. The series of four lectures focused on an environmental theme. Beginning with the original environmentalists of our area, the Cherokee, we traveled through the the environmental movement of the mid-twentieth century and into the the future as Dr. Suresh Muthukrishnan, Ph.D explained how graphic mapping of global data can show us things we might not have noticed. Lianna Elizabeta Costantino sat in front of a campfire and told us Cherokee stories that gave us rich insight into their culture and relationship to mother earth. The following week, Caroline McIntyre brought Rachel Carson to life in dramatic fashion as she explained the social climate of the 60’s and her battle against chemical pollution. A simple but evocative interior set on the stage gave a warm, encompassing feeling to the evening. Jim Stokely, whose mother Wilma Dyckeman, is credited with…

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