Summer Series

Summer Series

The 2018 Summer Series is less than a week away and bound to provide stimulating discussion.
Don’t miss any of it!

7:00pm, August 17
One With the Earth: Cherokee and the Environment

Before Europeans came to this continent indigenous peoples lived off the land. The Cherokee of the Appalachians were the original environmentalists. They lived with the land. Join Lianna Elizabeta Costantino as she tells us about Cherokee ideas regarding health, well-being and healing, medicine and forestry.

7:00pm, August 23
Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring

In the summer of 1962, Silent Spring was published and raised America’s awareness to the future of the planet and all life on Earth. She called for humans to act responsibly as stewards of the living earth. Her book became the drumbeat for a generation of environmentalists. Step into the past as Caroline McIntyre recreates Carson and discusses the monumental work.

7:00pm, August 30
Wilma Dykeman, Savior of the French Broad River

Born in Asheville, Wilma Dykeman wrote about her land, Appalachia, in both fiction and nonfiction. Her critically acclaimed novels  reflect her understanding of people in the North Carolina mountains. The French Broad (1955), one  was completed in a year but represents a lifetime of observation and note-taking. It recounts the history, legend,  sociology, and economics of a mountain region that draws its life and ways from this stream and its tributaries. Join her son, Jim Stokely as he shares stories of his mother’s efforts to preserve on of the oldest rivers in the world.
7:00pm, September 7
The Role of Location Intelligence, Data and Information in Shaping the Future
Technology is our enabler, or is it our master? With information at our fingertips, can the data it generates solve the major issues facing our planet? Global warming and the resulting climate changes are producing drought, long wildfire seasons in parts of the US and generally challenging weather events across the globe. Professor Suresh Muthukrishnan Ph.D. will attempt to sort it all out for us.