SFF believes that by giving our scholarship to a program, rather than an individual student, more people can be exposed and impacted by the work of a specific organization. To date, approximately 125 students have benefited from our environmental and cultural scholarships over 5 years, rather than only 5 students.

2023 – Carol McCullough, president of Sherwood Forest Friends, presented the 2023 Greg Allikas Scholarship in the amount of $4,000, to Kathy King, Executive Director of the Transylvania County Arts Council, at the opening reception for With Unity on March 10. Funds will support the Summer Arts Academy for children.

In 2022 the Greg Allikas Scholarship was awarded to Mountain School of Strings who has worked since 2010 to prove that music is a positive force for children and for society. Research indicates that music education gives children an edge when it comes to self-esteem, motivation, resiliency and academic success.  And as founder Ellen Ray Lee put it “there can be no measurement on what music does for the child’s soul and piece of mind.”  The Director of the Mountain School of Strings is Hazel Ketchum (on right)

In 2021 SFF scholarship was given to the Sustainable Communities class at Brevard College. Our environment in the future will depend on the young students of today and their understanding of the carrying capacity of our earth.  SFF believes an investment in this education will benefit all of us.

2020-no scholarship given due to COVID 19.

2019-Time For Real Science, a science program at Brevard High School, received the SFF scholarship. Students were researched, designed and presented scientific projects of their own creation, with outstanding efforts going to regional and state competitions.

2028-Muddy Sneakers was awarded SFF first scholarship!  This program takes students from the classroom into nature to experience the wonders of the outdoor world.  Students benefit from small group, hands on learning that inspires curiosity and stimulates learning.