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Dwellings for our feathered families got a boost in style and substance at the first annual Build a Birdhouse Contest on August 8.  The design/build competition was sponsored by Sherwood Forest Friends with Cedar Mountain Community Center and Sherwood Forest’s Nature Nuts. Among the offerings from avian architects were a gypsy caravan, a castle crowned with a pink hennin (after the conical medieval headdress), and a meticulously carved Green Man. Judging took place at the Cedar Mountain Community Center, where the Dearbaugh family won Best in Show for their Moss Mountain tableau.  Sarah Dearbaugh and her children Micah, Hannah, and Blake created the entry in remembrance of Deb Pruitt, a recently deceased friend of the Cedar Mountain community, who left the family her art supplies. These objects and natural materials foraged by the children were assembled into a whimsical birdhouse community, roofed with an old Cedar Mountain Welcome Center sign, and…

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50th Anniversary of Earth Day:  Thinking Globally, Acting Locally [gdlr_dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#cd853f”]F[/gdlr_dropcap]or 50 years, Earth Day has united people around the urgent need to protect our planet.   A movement that has grown to involve 190 nations began in the United States on April 22, 1970, when Gaylord Nelson, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, set about planning a “national teach-in on the environment.”  Events were held throughout the country and a movement was begun. Twenty million Americans, 10% of the nation’s population, came out to participate in that very first Earth Day. In December,1970, Congress passed the first Clean Air Act with only one dissenting vote.  “Other immediate outcomes included the passage of the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act, the establishment of the EPA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the banning of DDT, the removal of lead from gasoline, and the passage of the Toxic Substances…

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The Board of Directors of Sherwood Forest Friends has made the decision to cancel all events scheduled through May.  This includes: Dark Skies program at CMCC March 28 Earth Day celebration at CMCC April 22 Field trip to the NC Arboretum May 1 Blue Ghost Bubble May 21 We will post information about each topic on our website and on the SF Posse on the date of the event.  Please attend our free, “virtual” events!  It’s the next best things to being there! We will continue to monitor government guidelines for event gatherings and make a decision regarding the Summer Series, scheduled to begin on July 11, sometime in mid-June.

Welcome to 2020 Hello Friends! We had our first meeting of the Sherwood Forest Friends board of directors this week and you might say we “are turning over a new leaf.” We have two new directors and all new officers. You can learn about them here. We are excited about the coming year and start off with one new property donated to SFF. The Program Committee will meet next week to discuss program options. We have some exciting ideas so please stay tuned.

On October 23, twenty-five “friends” headed out for a day of Cherokee culture. We met Lianna Costantino, our guide for the day, in Sylva. Our first stop was the Judaculla Rock in Jackson County. This ancient soapstone rock is covered with drawings thought to predate modern Cherokee culture. While Lianna told us the story behind the legend of Juthcullah we all pondered what the drawings actually mean. Some thought they were a recording of history while a few thought the rock could be a map.   Our next stop was the pavilion at Mark Watson park where we enjoyed a deeeelishous picnic lunch prepared by Cathy Nell and Kathy Figiel. Everything was prepared and packaged with love!               On our short drive to the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, Lianna told us stories of the Cherokee and explained their language. In the museum she…

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